Mazeless helps to preserve SEO during Website Migrations and Redesigns.

Mazeless™ is an Enterprise SEO Tool. Safeguard your business from potential organic traffic and revenue loss. It audits the website and its current pages and then compares it to the staging/development version and reports the errors and warnings.

Website migrations aren’t a maze and you don’t need to be a technical SEO expert. 

How Does Our Tool Work?

Observer Mode
Observer allows you to crawl your website on a regular or irregular basis and compare versions to each other. You select the dates of crawls you’d like compared. It allows to backtrack changes, spy on competition’s improvements or find the updates that may have negatively impacted the rankings

Migration Mode
Migration project enables you to compare your current website to your staging to make sure that before going live there are no major SEO issues that could potentially crash your SEO rankings.

SEO Migration Tool | Mazeless


The following are the features that you can use through the platform, separated out by the project type:

  • HTTP Statuses
  • Load times
  • Meta Tags
  • Indexation
  • Heading Tags
  • Links
  • and much more


$39/m – Starter

Add up to 5 projects. Catch all the SEO bugs to save your traffic. Learn about the Technical SEO performance for the websites you add.

*each website crawl will be limited to 1000 pages

$79/m – Pro

Add up to 10 websites. Observe the websites you want. Get complete before/after issues report for Website Migrations.
This is great for complex projects with multiple staging environments.

*each website crawl will be limited to 1000 pages

For Enterprise

Premium Support with Website Migrations.
Advanced features, unlimited crawls and projects.

Our team of experts will be at your disposal.


  • Run Multiple Projects Simultaneously
  • Checks all variations of the URL (secure, non-secure, www and non-www)
  • Counts and reports the number of identified issues
  • Reduces time required for QA during migrations
  • Helps protect revenue and reduces chances of things going wrong
  • Provides Technical SEO insights

We currently allow up to 1000 URLs per project


In one of the scenarios, the client migrated from WordPress to a Javascript based CMS and changed the website design. Even though visually everything looked good, in the backend the new site didn’t support meta descriptions, H1-H6 was off, schema mark-up wasn’t working, titles were changed and the trailing slash in the URLs was missing. On top of that the canonicals were incorrect and noindexes were missing. Without Mazeless it would have taken days to find those problems, but with a simple scan they were able to identify the common issues and solve them.

In another scenario the client was migrating from WordPress to Shopify, it turned out that all the URLs were changing on their Shopify site. They had to restructure and implement a large number of 301 redirects on their Shopify store to make sure the SEO and traffic is not impacted.