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Performance is crucial to your success. Our services provide enterprise-level solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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At Mazeless, we work diligently with clients on site migrations, website and SEO audits, ADA compliance, web governance and our specialty: technical SEO. Our solutions are timeless and won’t be impacted by industry changes or Google updates.

Our clients are in every industry:

Website Migration

Your site can’t afford unnecessary downtime during a site migration.

Changing domain names, hosts, platforms or adding secure browsing through HTTPS are part of a site’s natural evolution. Migrations are a time to correct issues on your site and move into the next phase of your business’ growth.

But it’s critical to have a solid plan in place to maintain performance, reduce downtime and limit potential revenue loss.

Our team’s wealth of experience in technical SEO adds to our ability to migrate a site with as little downtime and hiccups as possible along the way. A few of the key points we’ll follow during the migration process are:

  • Backups
  • Benchmarks
  • Content inventory
  • Identify key pages
  • Index coverage
  • Mobility and site issues
  • Performance
  • Planning and pre-launch
  • Search crawling
  • Usability

Your site’s website migration should improve your user experience and set your site up for future growth. Our team takes on the complex challenges during the transition process so that you can focus on your business.

Audit: Website & SEO

Website and SEO audits should be an integral part of your business’ operations. As new employees make site changes or you switch SEO teams, it’s easy for small issues to go unrecognized or be pushed down on the priority list.

Our audit specialists will analyze your site to find key areas where small improvements can make huge impacts.

Multiple elements of your site will be part of an audit – far too many to list – but they do include:

  • Analytic data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Off-site issues
  • On-page SEO
  • Site speed
  • Technical SEO
  • Top converting pages
  • User experience

An audit finds key issues that your site and users may experience. Remedying these issues can help increase search engine rankings, revenue and user experience. Our team consists of audit experts that rapidly perform an analysis and can recommend or perform changes to your site to meet the highest standard levels.

Technical SEO

Enterprises find the most successful strategy to drive traffic to a site and improve customer experience is to focus on the technical aspects of search engine optimization. On-site factors are in your complete control.

We start with the technical SEO aspects – site speed, redirects, crawling (just to name a few) – to build a site foundation on the best principles. Our team focuses on indexing, crawling and performance to improve rankings and make your visitors happy.

Our team of specialists focus on priority factors that are in your control, such as:

  • Crawl errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Optimization
  • Redirects
  • Site errors
  • Site speed
  • Site structure
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemaps
  • So much more

Search engines emphasize high-quality sites with a focus on user experience. Technical SEO improves user experience and improves digital marketing success. It’s technical. It’s complex. But it works. Our team offers precision services that corrects your site’s issues and builds off of its strengths.

Enterprise SEO

Optimizing a small site for search engines is difficult enough, but when a site has potentially thousands of pages and links – or more – the stakes are higher. Enterprise SEO helps improve brand recognition, boost site traffic and keep your site ranking above its competitors.

With over 200 advanced optimization factors to consider, our team will focus on the most important factors while double checking every change we make along the way. An enterprise cannot risk a small error causing significant traffic loss.

Our specialists will focus heavily on:

  • Keywords
  • Strategic link acquisition
  • Internal collaboration
  • Tactical scope
  • Site speed
  • Social proof
  • Mobile SEO
  • Featured snippets
  • Voice search
  • Link building
  • Visual search

We start with scalable solutions, integrate automation when possible and work closely with your team to better understand your business.

ADA Compliance

Compliance should never be an afterthought. At Mazeless, we’ve perfected web accessibility by ensuring the members of our team know WCAG guidelines inside and out. Businesses must provide public accommodation when people view their site, including 508, ADA and WCAG compliance.

Private and public companies face significant fines and penalties for failing to meet compliance standards.

We start with a site audit to understand where your site may be compliant already and what tweaks must be made to meet strict compliance guidelines. Our team can help your site reach WCAG’s Level AA and even a Level AAA compliance. We’ll help with:

  • 508 compliance
  • ADA compliance
  • Implementation
  • Protocols
  • Site updates
  • WCAG adherence

Web Governance

Governance is a crucial part of a website’s operation, and it’s a continually growing plan that aids in web content and SEO operations. Day-to-day operations need guidelines and protocols to keep teams working towards a central goal.

All stakeholders and team members – and anyone else involved – should follow governance protocols.

The right policies lead your site into new areas of growth and align all actions with the goals you set out to achieve. Our team can help you create clear and concise web governance protocols and policies that lead to:

  • Branding cohesion
  • Higher quality content
  • Increased productivity
  • Organization
  • Principles
  • Strategic messaging

When your team needs a web governance strategy, we can help. Through a proven approach to principles and protocols, our team can make sense out of your operations so that current and future employees have a blueprint of success to follow.