Freight Right: Boosting SEO and Web Presence


Client: Freight Right Global Logistics

Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain

Services Provided: Web Design, SEO 


Freight Right Global Logistics is an innovative logistics company specializing in freight forwarding services across diverse industries, including aerospace, FMCG, and fragile goods. Seeking to enhance their digital presence and improve their overall online performance, Freight Right partnered with Mazeless, a seasoned web marketing agency.


Freight Right required a sophisticated website that reflected their industry expertise while also optimizing for search engines to increase visibility and customer engagement.


Mazeless undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Freight Right’s web infrastructure with a dual focus on aesthetic appeal and search engine optimization:

Web Design

Developed a responsive, user-friendly website that effectively communicates Freight Right’s brand message and service offerings.

Technical SEO

Implemented a series of backend optimizations to enhance site speed, mobile responsiveness, and on-page SEO elements.

SEO Enhancements

Implemented a series of strategic optimizations to increase organic visibility and improve search engine rankings. Focused on refining the website’s content and enhancing its authority through advanced SEO tactics, which significantly boosted Freight Right’s online presence and search relevancy.


The collaboration led to significant improvements in Freight Right’s online visibility and user engagement:

  • Enhanced site structure and navigation led to a lower bounce rate and longer average session durations.
  • Technical optimizations resulted in a 50% improvement in site loading times.
  • Effective SEO strategies improved the site’s rankings for key logistics-related keywords.

Mazeless’ strategic approach in redesigning the website and optimizing it for search engines has positioned Freight Right as a leader in the logistics sector. The improved digital footprint not only enhances customer engagement but also drives more qualified leads to the site.

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