Website Migration Webinar with PMI LA


At The Project Management Institute Los Angeles Chapter on March 17 Mazeless team gave insight into website migration projects. We highlighted the importance of technical SEO.

A company may invest a lot of money into redesigning their website only to find that their traffic and visibility went down! During the webinar we provided information about how to prepare and properly launch the new version of the website.

About Migrations

When a site undergoes substantial changes, this is considered a migration. Any part of a website can be migrated, including:

  • Domain
  • Content
  • Design
  • User Interface (UX)
  • Site location
  • Platform
  • Structure
  • Security

Steps To Consider Before Website Migration

Here are the 7 crucial steps to properly prepare for website migration:

  1. Prepare a timeline of events
  2. Have a clear list of responsibilities before, during and after a migration
  3. Make sure the checklist is followed during the project
  4. Have the core team on-call during the migration.
  5. Report to your stakeholders as often as required
  6. Make sure you manage your stakeholder expectations (traffic drops or spikes)
  7. Have the website QAed and approved on dev/staging environment at least a few days before the Go Live

Click here to view the Webinar presentation on Google Slides. (Google Account Required)

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